1. Thanks and Texts


    Thank you to everyone that came out to our lecture at the Gender Play Conference at Parsons the New School for Design! We are working on archiving material from the exhibition, here, as we speak, so please check back soon. 

    For more info on the conference:



    Below are a list of texts that we performed from at the onset of our presentation; and also at the opening invocation of the QRUB exhibition back in September. The performance, Historical Redemption, and all if it’s included texts were culled, curated, and edited by artist Joanna Spitzner. 

    Jean Moreas The Symbolist Manifesto 1886

    Jose Clemente Orozco , New World, New Races and New Art, 1929

    Henry Gerber, Recent Homosexual Literature, 1934

    Angelo Herndon, You Cannot Kill the Working Class, 1933

    Eldridge Cleaver, Credo for Rioters and Looters, 1969

    Redstockings Manifesto, 1969

    Pierre Louÿs , The Songs of Bilitis, 1894

    Claudia Jones, An End to the Neglect of the Problems of the Negro

    Woman! 1949

    Emma Goldman,The Tragedy of Woman’s Emancipation, 1917

    The WITCH Manifesto of 1968

    Margaret Sanger, The Morality of Birth Control, 1921

    Lucy Parsons, Our Civilization: Is It Worth Saving? 1885

    American Youth Congress, The Declaration of the Rights of American Youth, 1936

    Please email Jessica at jlposner (at) gmail (dot) com if you’d like a full version of the performance script. 


  2. Closing Weekend Events

    Please join us for our weekend of closing performances!

    October 5, 7 pm: Whisper Translation, a long distance performance with Reena Katz and Jessica Posner.

    Posner will attempt to tune herself to Katz through the use of cell phones, voice, grievable bodies, water, and pomegranates. They will create space and authenticate time through the use of networked sound from Toronto to Manhattan.

    October 6, 2-6 pm: Occupation with Dionysus and the Oracle, performance by Isaac Richard Pool, Jessica Posner, Jian Yi (2-4pm) and Jarrod Kentrell (4-6pm). BYOBachanaliaclosing party throughout.

    Join Pool, Posner, and guests for a topical discussion on Emotional Needs and Interpersonal Wants.


    October 6, 6-8pm: Departing Questions, with readings by  Maureen ConnorAndrea GeyerHeather Love, John T. McGrath, Mira Schor, and Alexandro Segade. Time allowing, a casually moderated conversation (with co-curators Isaac Richard Pool and Jessica Posner and contributor Joanna Sptizner) will follow.

    We are VERY VERY excited!

  3. Occupation with Dionysus (Pool) and the Oracle (Posner), featuring Sara Jimenez and Kaitlynn Redell (in red), and contributor John Furer and guest.

    Photo Ilyn Wong.